02 October 2007

lack of inspiration

dear mum,
i'm glad that you like the cat bordhi book. i just wouldn't spend my money on it. anyway, i started knitting myself a mobius out of the yarn you brought me back from france. i'm knitting it ez style, however, because i like the look of garter stich better than the stockinette-oid cat bordhi mobius.

it's my tv watching project, since i'm knitting it straight from the skein (which is working surprisingly well). i don't really have a portable knitting project that's holding my attention. i've got my orange cable socks but they've been languishing. i'm gonna go buy some new yarn for some projects i've got planned, but i have to wait until i get paid in 2 weeks. *sigh*

p.s. a meme is an internet quiz-thing that gets passed around. does that make sense at all?

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