05 October 2007

more books

dear mum,
i now have a huge stack of knitting books on my floor from the library. i've perused several them and here are the best ones of the lot.

knitting around is amazing. it's by elizabeth zimmerman, need i say more? it's also got a significant memoir portion as well, which is really awesome. it's got a pattern for these really interestingly constructed mittens, which i'm thinking of knitting.

domiknitrix makes me super happy. the projects are really cool and the author doesn't approve of crochet or blocking. my type of girl. it's definately on my wish list.

traditional knitted & lace shawls you are probably well aware of my burgoning obsession with lace shawls and if it lasts like i think it will, i definately want to get this book. it's basically a how-to knit and design lace shawls with a ton of lace patterns so that you can do your own designing, my favorite aspect is the "how to wear them" section, with several different ways to wear your lace shawls and stoles, nifty, no?

big girl knits doesn't have patterns that really speak to me, but the sections that talk about how to fit your handknits are invaluable to a curvy girl like me. i'd buy this book for the fitting section and bust dart directions alone but it also has a section about figuring out what styles to wear depending on which body parts you want to flatter or minimize.

mason-dixon knitting. need i say more? it's exactly what i would expect from ann and kay and therefore is going onto my wishlist. the patterns are really great, but the real highlights are the stories and musings.

knitting nature is amazingly nerdy and amazingly beautiful. the introductions to each section speak to my biology nerd side (which, admittedly is pretty big) and the beautiful patterns speak to my compulsive knitter side. not only are the end results beautiful, appealing to the product knitter in me, but the patterns are unique and interesting to knit, which appeals to my dominating process knitter. i want. very much.

knit 2 together i have to agree with everyone who has good things to say about this book (it even has the pattern for the ginormo two-person sweater from the cover!). the patterns are really nice and definately things that i would knit, but, like mason-dixon knitting, the real draw is the writing. it's going on my wishlist.

i didn't really mean for this to seem like a christmas list, but i really only wanted to list the books i actually liked, in intrests of length. but that doesn't mean you can't use this for inspiration!

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