12 October 2007

books and afghans

dear mum,
my knitting has been going well. i started knitting my mobius cowl, using elizabeth zimmerman's technique from knitting around. it's progressing quite nicely. i'm contemplating how to make the wool smell less badly; my current favorite is washing it in the henna shampoo i got in vancouver.

i'm also working on some socks, but when am i not? these socks, however, are special. i'm using toes and heels from nancy bush's folk socks and stich patterns from sensational knitted socks, both of which i love so much that i'm going to buy them soon. the other special things is that they're for afghans for afghans.

i'm forcing myself to finish the second pair (the purple and green ones are finished, all they need is the ends woven in) before i start a pair of socks for myself. i found a pattern that i love and am reknitting my orange "cable net" socks into them, since the one i finished turned out horrendously.

other books that i really like that i've gotten from the library:
-knitting vintage socks (also by nancy bush)
-scarf style (i've coveted the turtleneck shrug for years)
-fitted knits
-fishermen's sweaters (alice starmore does cables, need i say more?)

how are your wip's going, i haven't heard about them in a while?

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