14 May 2008

The Long Lost Mother Returns

And so I post again.  I have so many wips that I wince every time I look into my office, a.k.a the stash palace.  

Deep in my heart I want to finish the pink Sally Melville sweater, but for some reason I can't bring myself to pick up that sleeve (off the floor), figure out where I am and finish the darn thing.  All I have to do is shape the cap.  Then it's just sew it together and finish the neck opening by picking up stitches and casting them off.  Shouldn't be too hard!

My Tantalizing Socks are nearing toe-dom, ta-dum, ta-dum.  I'm working in the green yarn by alternating rounds.  It's working amazingly well, fading surreptitiously into green without more stripiness than the original yarn, but I only have maybe one more round of the Mountain Colors and then it's all green.  The timing's pretty good, actually, since I need to start decreasing for the toes now, so it might be better to just commit to the green along with the decreases.

My Pomatomus sock is progressing nicely.  I'm always amazed when I can fix mistakes in a stitch with any complication without having to rip it back.  I'm glad I'm not trying to do both at once.  That shifting a stitch at the beginning of a pattern repeat would be h--l.  I impressed a few people at the meeting in L.A.  Did I tell you I put that I was "the one they saw knitting" in my bio for the program?

The Baby Surprise Sweater is on hold.  I haven't been able to face the need to rip out so much, again.  It should be so simple!  Grrr.  I hope I finish it before Baby Clara out grows it!  She was born the 30th of April.

My Best Friend Jacket is in limbo.  It's gotten so big I usually don't want to lug it, or even get it out.  The down side of major knit-all-in-one-piece projects.

My lace silky wool scarf is also languishing.  I only need to do one more repeat, and then maybe put some edging on the ends--it did so much for the Grandma's Double Vine scarf!

And then there's the entrelac shrug.  It's kind of the project of last resort.  Not much progress there.  I need to have a rush of entrelac energy to pick it up, even though entrelac doesn't bug me like it bugs you.  I think I'm not convinced I'd wear an entrelac shrug.  Where?  With what?  (Actually, it'd look pretty spiffy with my rock climber's dress...Don't ask.  I just think of it that way because it's a brand that does mostly that type of clothes, and the dress is kind of a long version of a sports top.)

I've been looking longingly at the green Panda Wool sock yarn I got at Yorkshire on the last trip.  Ron brought me home a yellow skirt with a green and rust (?) print and a green shirt the day before I left for L.A., so of course I need green socks!  And my Addis are all occupied!  And then I've got to start the next pair of Cat Bordhi socks because I'm a pair behind!  Too much yarn and not enough time.  Sigh.  Well, Panda Wool socks should be a good project to take to Europe.

One of these days I shall get ambitious and include some photos, but tonight I'm going to remove the dpns from between my eyelids and go to beddy-bye.

Your mum

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