09 September 2007

wip it. wip it good.

dear mum,
i thought you would like to see how all my wips are going. you've already seen

the dream sweater

in real life, but i'm including a picture anyways because i love it just that much.

my slubby jacket is almost finished. all i have left to do is sew up the under arm sleeves and weave in the ends, but who knows how long it will take me get around to it.

i really like the pockets, even though i made a teensy mistake in one. can you spot it?

my souvenier yarn from vancouver is turning into a really pretty shawl. it's like knitting the forest!

my orange sock continues apace. i made a mistake in the cables though, so i'm gonna have to frog it back some. :(

i hope all your wips are going well on your trip!

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