25 September 2007

book reviews part 1

dear mum,
a few days ago a requested a ton (and by ton, i mean about 40) of knitting books from the olympia public library and i went and picked up the first batch, 7 of them, today. so here are my reviews of the ones i have looked at so far.

sensational knitted socks

is amazing. it's got a ton of stich patterns combined with universal directions in way of ann budd, which i think you'd like a lot, considering the trouble you go to with your barbra walker stich dictionary coming up with socks for ron. it also has really good pictures and charts; each section has 2 examples and then a photo of each stich pattern that is really clear (even if the example sock is knit in a yarn that obscures it somewhat) along with written directions and a chart. charts make me soo happy. i think you should get it because it's really awesome and then i can borrow it.

a treasury of magical knitting

is so-so. the mobius technique it teaches is amazing but the patterns are a little insipid and designed for someone with no courage or desire to design. i might just teach myself the cast-on and never require the book again.

knitting with balls

is really good and i'm considering buying it, if not for myself, then for joseph. every technique is explained and illustrated nicely. each project has the stich pattern directions in a little box for easy reference and the cables are charted! the projects are good and vary enough in difficulty that some intrigue me. an aran sweater, for example. it's also well written.


. bleck. insipid patterns in novelty yarn. need i say more?

i hope you find this interesting, if not useful. i was buzzing with excitement over my giant stack of books on my walk from the library, all through dinner, my wait for the bus back to campus and the bus ride home.

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